NECA Accredited Installer Program

Consumers demand the best of the best when looking for an installer for all their electrical needs, whether it is to install their solar system or providing advice on energy efficient lighting.

The NECA Accredited Installers program (a NECA Victoria initiative) connects consumers to Registered Electrical Contractors and their Licensed electrical employees who have demonstrated  they meet NECA’s high standards of competency, safety and performance in their endorsed category of: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Generation and Renewable Storage. 


Energy Efficiency

The NECA Accredited Installer has been trained in Energy Efficiency and the utilisation of a range of technology and products


Renewable Generation

The NECA Accredited Installer has been trained in the installation of solar.


Renewable Storage

The NECA Accredited Installer has been trained in the installation of battery storage. 

Who We Are

National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) Victoria have developed the accreditation program to provide consumers with a national network of highly skilled electrical contractors


NECA Accredited Installers are Registered Electrical Contractors and have been professionally trained in their endorsed categories demonstrating they are fully qualified to assist you in reducing your energy usage, and installing solar and battery storage.  They have committed to a code of conduct that provides an ethical framework for the conduct of their business activities.


You can find a NECA Accredited Installer here.

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